[SAP HCM PY] Any way to loop over the previous results?

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1. Understanding business requirements

One of my previous clients has a seniority allowance that will be calculated every month inside the Payroll driver. But these allowance amounts are only paid to the employee once a quarter.

So during the Payroll run of March, July, September and December, the system needs to call back the payroll results of 2 preceding months.

Most SAP PY consultants know how to import the last payroll result by using the function IMPORT L. However, in this situation, we need a function that only imports regular monthly results and skips special runs such as Off-cycle Bonus or Adjustment-check.

In this post, I will show you how to use the operation PLOOP to perform this task.

2. Understanding system configuration

Ok, let's jump straight into schema config.

First of all, I will use an IF function and a PCR to make sure my calculation will only occur in the payroll run of March, July, September or December.



When I run payroll in period 05/2021: image.png

When I run payroll in period 06/2021: image.png

Next, inside PCR YY97 I put operation PLOOP to retrieve RTs from preceding months: image.png

In case you don't familiar with these operations please check the table below for further understanding:


Let's take a look at Payroll logs to view what was happen:

This employee has many payroll runs in PC_PAYRESULT, with sequence numbers from 01 to 11. In the payroll run of 06/2021, I need to import results of 04/2021 and 05/2021, which have the sequence of 10 and 09. image.png

Double click into processing folder of PCR YY97 image.png

We can see the operation IMPRE - import 2 times, the first time is the Payroll result with sequence number 10 (Regular run 05/2021) and the second is 09 (Regular run 04/2021):


The sum of the preceding months' allowance is stored in a separate line with EEsubgrouping *:


Finally, function PIT is called to summarize allowance from preceding months with current months:



3. Expanding the configuration

With a similar calculation process, we can generate multiple salary amounts using historical payroll runs. For example, the average salary of the last 6 months or the total income YTD. I will continue writing on this topic if I have free time.

Ok, that's all for today. Thanks for reading 😀

May the best solution be with you