Hello world~

BREAK dungbv7.

This is my very first blog post and I just wanna say hello to everyone who visits, whether by chance or on purpose.

Blogging Goals

1. Contribute to the SAP PY community in Vietnam

I have been working for over 5 years in the field of SAP HCM in Vietnam and I love it very much, especially the PY module. In recent years, due to the company's trend of promoting cloud solutions, the number of consultants working on SAP HCM is less and less.

Through IT from the stars, I want to contribute my knowledge to the SAP HCM community in Vietnam. Hopefully, my experience when satisfying previous customers could help someone on the internet when they encounter the same problem. Just being able to help one single stranger is a huge achievement for me.

2. Appreciate my knowledge

IT from the stars will be the place where I summarize my understanding of the standard system designs of SAP HCM as well as my experiences when applying those for business requirements. Who knows, maybe in the process of rewriting what I know, I will create new ones. 😀 Or hopefully I will get free solutions to the problems that cause me headaches in the comment area 😉.

3. Inspire SAP HCM freshers

Though SAP HCM on-premise is not recommended to be deployed in Vietnam anymore, there are still many big corporations in Vietnam using this software. I want to encourage those of you who currently working as internal IT of SAP HCM software, especially the PY module. This is truly a very interesting solution and worth spending time with (trust me 😀).

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this post, wish you a pleasant experience with IT from the stars.

May the best solution be with you